Investigative Journalism

This blog was produced by students in the Interactive Journalism class at Southern Adventist University. I had the privilege to write pieces related to diversity in the Seventh-day Adventist church. 

Anaelys Trochez – Seeking the American Dream – Investigating Diversity

Hello, my name is Anaelys Trochez, and I am a second generation Seventh-day Adventist. I was born and raised in the beautiful Sunshine State and the city known as Miami, Florida. As a child, I grew up in a multicultural environment — different forms of life and cultures surrounding my life, especially at church. I belonged to a small Hispanic congregation, which was my first exposure to different cultures. My mother was born in Cuba but migrated to the United States as a one-year-old, and my fa

Listening to my Cuban grandmother wasn’t always easy. But I loved her. – Investigating Diversity

When I think about the Seventh-day Adventist church, one of the most important people that comes to mind is my Cuban grandmother, Nancy Mestre. She inspired me to be a better Christian. Every morning, mi Abuelita (Spanish for “my grandmother”) would always pray for anyone who crossed her path in life. I learned most of my beliefs and values from her. But there were times I wish I didn’t listen. Abuelita and I had different views within the church.

Investigating Diversity: Impact Church

About seven years ago, a group of Seventh-day Adventists in the Chattanooga area longed for a church to call home. The worshippers wanted a place that welcomed curiosity, questions, diversity, and ideas. However, the church they sought did not exist. The first couple of meetings were held at Southern Adventist University in Summerour Hall. Slowly but surely the church began to grow. So, so as a result, they moved to different venues to accommodate their growing membership. The church currently

I felt excluded at a women’s retreat … Here’s why – Investigating Diversity

In March, I attended a Hispanic Weekend Spiritual Retreat for ladies and girls, ages 10 years and up, in my local church conference. The retreat was held in Cohutta Springs, Georgia. I traveled there with my mother, sisters, and other women from my parents’ church. I enjoyed the event. However, throughout the weekend there was a constant stream of topics to which I could not relate. The irony is that it was supposed to be a retreat for women of all ages. Unfortunately, that was not the case.