Southern Accent

For my News Reporting Course, I had the privilege to publish my works in the university's newspaper, Southern Accent.

Torn Between Two Worldviews | Accent

As a first-generation Seventh-day Adventist, I witness a clash between Latin American culture and Adventist lifestyle practices. Growing up in Miami, Florida, a multicultural environment, I was exposed to many worldviews, customs, traditions and beliefs. I believe Christians should not suppress their culture for the sake of worshiping Jesus. Yet, there were times when my culture and belief system were in constant conflict. For instance, before my late grandmother and mother converted to Adventi

SA Senate working with EPIC on curfews and late leaves | Accent

Some Southern students feel like they are not being treated like adults, especially in dorms and Southern Village housing. “I think it’s dumb to have a curfew when you are older than 21 and live at [Southern] Village,” said Tiffany Litchfield, a junior psychology major. Daly Montenegro, a junior business administration major, said she feels it’s unnecessary for people who are older. The Enrollment Priority and Improvement Committee (EPIC) is reviewing both policies and processes across campus

Career Services offers an interactive online practice | Accent

Big Interview is a step-by-step online interviewing training system offered by Career Services. Interview Coach Pamela Skillings uses interactive practice techniques that help college students succeed. Southern students and graduates can create a free account using their student email. “Big Interview proved useful for my interview with Loma Linda University dental school,” said Gus Moretta, who graduated from Southern with his bachelor of arts in biology in December 2018. “I really liked the so